A systems approach to

Global Surgery

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Our Research:

Impact Evaluation

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The Lancet: Global access to surgical care: a modeling study

Most people worldwide lack access to the surgical care they need. This study models access to surgical services using timeliness, surgical capacity, safety, and affordability.

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The Lancet: Global economic consequences of selected surgical diseases: a modeling study

The associated economic consequences of the surgical burden of disease are largely unknown. This study estimates the macroeconomic impact of surgical disease for major surgery disorders.

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The Lancet: Catastrophic expenditure to pay for surgery worldwide: a modeling study

There are 150 million who face catastrophic healthcare costs annually. This study uses a model to identify the proportion of medical expenditure that is due to surgery.

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Bulletin of WHO: Health-system-adapted data envelopment analysis

Health policies often are multifactorial and have unintended consequences. This study attempts to develop a method to objectively assess the value of health policy across multiple domains.


Sustainable Development in


At CGSE, we want every individual to have the agency to access safe, affordable, and quality surgical care. While this can be a complex task within a framework of systemic limitations, our team continually creates models that evaluate the impact of proposed interventions in terms of their efficacy in increasing access to care. 

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The Global Burden of

Surgical Disease

The top three barriers to accessing surgical care are cost, lack of surgical providers, and distance to care facilities. These direct barriers are often the visible effects of deeper, more complex obstacles rooted in the economic and political foundations of a population. CGSE is dedicated to studying the global burden of disease and conducting impact evaluation on efforts to eradicate barriers.

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