Research Tools

The following research tools below are freely available. If they are used for publications, please credit them appropriately.

  • The hsDEA framework is based on this paper, published in The Bulletin of the WHO. It provides a simple multi-attribute decision-making paradigm for health policy. Traditional health-policy analytic measures, such as cost-effectiveness analysis, only incorporate health outcomes and costs.  This tool allows the inclusion of other outcomes—such as financial risk, equity, private expenditure, and others—to be included in policy rankings.

  • The second tool calculates the population-level risk of financial catastrophe due to medical costs.  It is based on this paper, published in the British Journal of Surgery.

  • The World Bank has included financial outcomes for surgery into the World Development Indicators. The data behind these indicators are available in the third tool.

  • The fourth tool is a study that contains a checklist as table 4 that can be used for conducting CEAs in global surgery.

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NSOAP Costing Template

A costing template for national surgical, obstetric, and anesthesia planning.